Shaukat Moloo


About Shaukat

Shaukat Moloo, Senior Associate, is a Project Management Professional (PMP) and a Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA) with an impressive 30+ year career in the UK and Canada. A seasoned leader, he has extensive experience in the Canadian healthcare industry having served in senior executive positions within agencies responsible for delivering accessible, affordable, quality healthcare services in Alberta and Ontario. He has worked directly with LHIN-funded agencies in his role as an executive lead responsible for service accountability agreements. A skilled change manager, he now assists organizations in Canada and overseas on various aspects of governance and financial accountability.

Shaukat has a very useful perspective gained from his unique experience. He can help directors and senior staff understand the expectations placed on them regarding financial accountability, and the structure, processes and information that can aid effective and appropriate financial decision-making. He works to differentiate critical and routine financial information and has led the streamlining of financial reports to provide boards critical financial information in a clear presentation. If an organization has to make a decision given competing demands for financial resources, Shaukat provides insight and guidance regarding what factors to consider. In addition, Shaukat is experienced in building solid, multi-dimensional frameworks for risk management and oversight. 

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