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The Accountability Group, Inc. works with boards and senior teams of not-for-profit organizations to promote good governance and organizational performance. Clients are associations, health and community service providers, college and universities, regulatory colleges and charities and may have local, provincial, national or international mandates. Some work is done in the US.  Our functional practice areas include strategy, governance and performance measurement.  Client engagements typically involve conducting board orientations, sessions and retreats, administering board evaluations, governance reviews, leading strategic planning, and developing balanced scorecards. The Accountability Group provides facilitation support for clients on special issues and opportunities.

Our consultants draw upon deep sector expertise to work with our clients.  They leverage their knowledge and skills to understand the issues (both their root causes and impact on the organization) and the challenges and choices leaders face. Members of our team excel at leveraging their experience to develop the processes and solutions that deliver impactful results -- understanding the importance of engagement, bringing leading practices to bear, and building on strengths.

"Lyn deeply understands challenges in the not for profit sector, has many resources in her own toolbox, and practical facilitation skills...a rare combination. She thinks superbly on her feet and ensures all participants' contributions are valued. It is a real pleasure to work with someone of Lyn's caliber and professionalism."

Georgina Steinsky-Schwartz ~ Former President and CEO, Imagine Canada


Client-centred, The Accountability Group listens to you:

  • The purpose of your organization, its current challenges and opportunities
  • How you define success
  • The strengths and idiosyncrasies of your team
  • What issues are driving change in your organizational "space"
  • Your care for your relationships
  • Your values and the aspects of your culture and history you treasure

 We believe:

  • We can't talk about accountability without being accountable ourselves
  • Lasting change in organizations happens through key conversations
  • While roles and authorities in any organization must be respected, positive relationships are the difference between mediocre performance and great results
  • Challenges help organizations find their hidden strengths
  • Leaders create high-energy learning environments
  • Today's professionalism demands decision-making based on solid information
  • When people create a vision and can describe its success, they work harder for a purpose they believe can happen

View the clients we've helped. 

"We were impressed both by Theresa’s ability to grasp the complexities of the issue in a short period of time and her communication and organizational skills.”

Carol Mallett, Executive Vice President, Ottawa Real Estate Board


“The time and attention Nickey paid to the planning of the day with us was most impressive, leading to the development of an agenda that was fulsome and clearly articulated. We appreciated Nickey’s respectful guidance, commitment to the agenda and to the purpose of the meetings and her enthusiastic, positive approach to the discussions we had. Her warmth and optimism shone through and we found Nickey a delight to work with – both in planning the meetings but also during the meetings themselves”

Mary Schultz ~ Director of Education, Alzheimer Society of Canada

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